TAK VOGUING NIGHT by Prince Charles Berlin 2014 -2016

Bernardo Santarelli as Geisha Red Wedding dress Berlinvoguingnight 2014 Prince Charles Club

Daniella Kuhr Rot BarockPrincesse

Daniella Mariposa Kuhr Rot Princesse

Carmen Maria as Menina Berlinvoguingnight 2014 Prince Charles Club

Tiffany Baillet as Arlequin Feather Prince Berlinvoguingnight 2014 Prince Charles Club

Carmen Maria Berlinvoguingnight 2014 Prince Charles Club

Johanna Keinmeyer Berlinvoguingnight 2016 Prince Charles Club

Founded in 2011 by Georgina Leo Melody, mother of the House of Melody. In 2012 Georgina joined forces with Mic Oala and since they organize community events, workshops, panels, functions, and once a year the Berlin Voguing Out Festival with legends from N.Y., intense Voguing classes, lectures, film screenings, etc.BVO‘s aim is to introduce Voguing and ballroom culture to the local community as well as to dancers and enthusiasts all over Germany. We explore the history of ballroom culture and the different styles of Voguing, and at the same time advance the exchange between voguers, dancers, houses, the art world, supporters… All in exchange with other European and American Voguing communities and ballroom scenes and in close collaboration with the originators. Since our early baby steps in 2012 we have been built up a lively scene and growing community whose members support and inspire each other .